About Our Standards

What are the ASHA UX Standards?

The ASHA UX standards are a library of foundational, reusable components for ASHA’s digital products. They are the primary resource for ensuring that ASHA’s designers and developers create consistent and intuitive experiences for ASHA members and the public. The ASHA UX Standards uphold both UX principals and front end development best practices in order to streamline the design and development process, enabling established UI elements and code to be easily used and reused across products and services.

User Experience Principals

ASHA’s UX Standards enhance the quality of member’s experience across our site by promoting the following 5 values.


Intuitive web design ensures that users have an inherent understanding of how to accomplish their goal without hesitation or confusion. Tasks should come easily and processes accomplished quickly and with pleasant simplicity. Digital products should be designed based on an understanding of the user’s experience with other ASHA’s products and with the web at large.


A consistent experience for members creates predictability, expectation, and usability across ASHA.org and our associated products. Users should have a predictable experience within each product, and should have fluid movement from one product to the next.


All ASHA products should be completely functional on desktop, tablet, and mobile as our membership and the public are working in an ever mobile, on-the-go world. Tools and resources provided by ASHA must meet members' needs by being available wherever our members are.


Accessibility and attention to the needs of all people is an important principal at ASHA and an important principal to our digital product design. Components within our standards, such as typography, color, and screen reader compatibility, have been designed and developed along accessibility best practices in order to support an inclusive and diverse community of users.


Beauty, as they say, is in the eye of the beholder, but it would be remiss to say our standards were conceived as only functional and not visually pleasing as well.

Development Value

ASHA’s UX standards are a resource that developers can use to enhance the development process with reusable HTML code snippets, made to plug and play, rather than reinventing code for each new effort.

Modern Web Standards

The ASHA UX Standards are built on Bootstrap, one of the most widespread development frameworks in use today. ASHA’s Standards incorporate modern best practices for browser compatibility and responsive design.

Reusable Elements

Code snippets can be taken directly from ASHA’s UX Standards and plugged directly into any product or service being developed. This reusability allows for streamlined front end development and consistency of elements used across various projects by multiple developers.

Solution Catalog

Developers are sometimes asked to suggest a solution during the design or prototyping stages of a product lifecycle. Having a tangible collection of solutions with behavior and style intact in a browsable format makes it easy to find and demonstrate options for what could work in any given scenario.

Browser Compatibility

ASHA’s UX Standards are designed to work in all HTML5 supported browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer 10, and Opera) and will work across non HTML5 browsers, though with some occasional visual bugs.

Room for Growth

This is a living document. It is intended to be updated as ASHA’s website and digital products grow and evolve. With future needs will come new features, which will, in turn, be added to the standards for use; and with new technology old features will one day be sunset. These standards represent the current set of components — what we wish to use and reuse for ASHA’s digital products and services at this time.